Group of Biomolecular Assembly and Engineering  
Prof.Xuehai Yan Lab

Introduction of Yan's Group

  • Principle Scientist:

    Xuehai Yan is currently a full professor and principle investigator at the Institute of Process Engineering (IPE), the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). He is vice directors both at the Center of Mesoscience and the Department of Biomaterials and Bioformulations, IPE, CAS. He obtained his PhD with distinction in physical chemistry at the Institute of Chemistry, CAS in 2008. After that, he moved to the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in Germany, where he won a research fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (2009-2011). In 2013, He took up the current position in China.

  • Research Topic:

    His research interest is mainly focused on the biomolecular self-assembly and materials, mesoscale mechanisms, biomimetic protocells and functional architectures for biomedicine and bioenergy. These include the engineering and assembly of chemical or biological nanoreactors as biocatalysts and vaccine adjuvants; and the development of new-type drug delivery vectors, nanomedicine and formulation towards application of phototherapy and immunotherapy etc. against tumors; as well as the creation of model abiotic cellularity and biomimetic protocells for study of prebiotic photosynthesis and biochemical process in cells.

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