Institute of Process Engineering (IPE), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
State Key Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering
Prof.Xuehai Yan Lab


    Self-assembly is a key function in the “process of life”. Learning the self-organization way from nature would direct us in design and fabrication of functional nanomaterials. Research interest in Yan's group is mainly focused on the biomolecular self-assembly and materials, mesoscale mechanisms, biomimetic protocells and functional architectures for biomedicine and bioenergy. These include: the engineering and assembly of chemical or biological nanoreactors as biocatalysts and vaccine adjuvants; and the development of new-type drug delivery vectors, nanomedicine and formulation towards application of photo-therapy and immunotherapy etc. against tumors; as well as the creation of model abiotic cellularity and biomimetic protocells for study of prebiotic photosynthesis and biochemical process in cells.

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